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A1 Foreword to Policy Manual
A3 NEG District Advisory Council—Licensed
A3B District Advisory Council—Classified
A4 Released Time—Licensed
A4B Released Time—Classified
A5 NEG Released Time for Licensed Employee Agent Group President
A5B NEG Released Time for Classified Employee Agent Group President
A6 NEG Negotiations—Licensed and Classified
A6B NEG Negotiated Policies—Classified
A7 Suggestions From School Employees
A9 Named Gifts to Jordan School District
A10 Departmental Advisory Councils—Classified
A11 Naming of Facilities
A12 Charter School Authorization

AP26 Group Testing and Evaluation
AS60 Student Accounting Procedures
AS61 Student Records
AS63 Student Eligibility to Attend Schools
AS64 Student Retention and Acceleration
AS66 Non-Resident and Charter School Enrollment
AS67 Discipline of Students
AS68 Search and Seizure
AS69 Student Pregnancies
AS70 Child Abuse-Neglect Reporting by School Personnel
AS82 Home and Hospital Instruction
AS83 Bloodborne Pathogens and Communicable Disease Management in the School Setting
AS84 Health and Nursing Services
AS85 Medication In the School Setting
AS87 Immunization
AS88 Health Care Services for Students with Special Needs
AS89 Vision Screening
AS90 Drugs and Alcohol
AS92 Detaining Elementary Students After School
AS93 Open Enrollment/School Choice
AS94 Student Discrimination and Harassment
AS95 Conduct Related to School Activities
AS96 Extracurricular Activity Privileges
AS97 Management of Concussions and Traumatic Head Injuries
AS98 Bullying and Cyberbullying
B101 Inventories
B102 Financial Accounting Proceedures and Standards
DA151 Use of Public School Buildings and Grounds as Civic Centers
DA153 Building Access—Schools
DA154 Use of School Property and Equipment
DA158 School Trespass
DA159 Parking, Traffic, and Signs on School Grounds
DA160 School Vandalism and Burglaries
DA165 Apprenticeship Program—Maintenance Department
DA167 Transportation Eligibility
DA168 NEG Assignment of Bus Drivers and Bus Attendants
DA170 School Bus Discipline
BP176 Procurement of Classroom Furniture and Instructional Equipment for New Schools
BP177 Disposal of Surplus Items
BP178 Purchasing Procedures
BP179 Advertising on School Buses
D200 Philosophy of Instruction
D201 Program of Studies
D202 Determining Personnel Staff Needs
D205 Selection and Appointment of Educational Leaders
D206 Formulation of Educational Criteria for School Buildings
D207 Calendar Development
D208 Conference Attendance
D210 Reimbursement of Mileage
D211 Community Relations
D212 District and School Web Sites
D213 Work-Based Learning
DP300 Personnel Philosophy
DP301 Appearance and Attire of Employees
DP302 Substitute Teachers
DP303 Staff Selection—Licensed
DP304 NEG Teacher Transfers
DP305 Placement and Assignment of Personnel
DP306 Staffing of Schools—Non-Administrative
DP307 Staff Selection, Promotion, and Salary Placement—Classified
DP308 Part-Time Support Personnel
DP309 NEG Salary Guidelines
DP310 Salary Deductions
DP311 Evaluation for Licensed Personnel
DP311A Evaluation of Administrators
DP312 Evaluation of Classified Personnel
DP313 Provisional and Probationary Licensed Personnel
DP314 NEG Provisional and Probationary Classified Personnel
DP315 NEG Grievance Procedure—Licensed
DP315B NEG Grievance Procedure—Classified
DP316 NEG Orderly Termination Procedures—Licensed
DP316A Orderly Termination Procedure—Administrators
DP316B Orderly Termination Procedures—Classified
DP317 Long-Term Disability Insurance
DP318 Resignations—Licensed
DP318A Resignations—Administration
DP318B Resignations—Classified
DP319 NEG Retirement—Licensed
DP319B NEG Retirement—Classified
DP320 Early Retirement Incentive for Administrators (Voluntary)
DP321 NEG Early Retirement Incentive—Licensed (Voluntary)
DP322 Family and Medical Leave Act
DP323 Abandonment of Position
DP324 NEG Sick Leave—Licensed
DP326 NEG Sick Leave—Classified
DP327 NEG Reduction in Licensed Staff
DP330 NEG Bereavement Leave—Licensed
DP330B NEG Bereavement Leave—Classified
DP332 NEG Educational Leave
DP333 NEG Leave—Sabbatical
DP334 Leave—Military
DP335 NEG Personal Leave—Licensed
DP335B NEG Personal Leave—Classified
DP336 NEG Leave of Absence (1 Year)—Licensed
DP336B NEG Leave of Absence (1 Year)—Classified
DP337 NEG Leave of Absence (Personal - 15 Days)—Licensed
DP337B NEG Leave of Absence (Personal - 15 Days)—Classified
DP338 Reimbursement of Certificated Employees Elected to Public Office
DP338B Reimbursement of Classified Employees Elected to Public Office
DP339 Released Time—Professional
DP340 Released Time—Jury Duty or Witness in Court
DP342 Hours of Work—Licensed
DP343 NEG Hours of Work—Classified
DP344 Vacation Schedule for Twelve-Month Personnel
DP345 Group Insurance
DP346 Industrial Accidents
DP347 NEG Protection of Employees
DP349 NEG Reduction in Force—Contract Classified Employees
DP351 Job Sharing/Part-Time—Licensed
DP352 Affirmative Action
DP353 NEG Assault or Abuse of Employees
DP354 NEG Attendance Incentive—Licensed
DP354A Attendance Incentive—Administrators
DP354B NEG Attendance Incentive—Classified
DP356 Substance Abuse-Free Work Environment
DP357 Incentive Lump Sum Payments
DP358 Employee Discrimination and Harassment
DP367 District Records Management
DP370 NEG Alternative Leave Day—Licensed
DP370B NEG Alternative Leave Day—Classified
DP371 Employee Information Network Acceptable Use Policy
DP372 Protected Health Information Privacy Policy
DP373 District Post-Retirement Benefits
DP374 Employment Background Checks
DP375 Vacation Schedule for Administrative Personnel
DP376 Pregnancy/Childbirth Related Workplace Accommodations
AA400 Kindergarten Program
AA402 Advancement, Promotion, and Graduation of Students
AA403 Competency Levels & Remediation Classes for Core Courses and Graduation Requirements for Grades
AA404 Accreditation of Schools
AA405 Homework
AA406 Advanced Placement Program
AA407 Summer School and Intersession Programs for Students
AA408 Fees
AA409 Scope of Employment
AA410 Study of Controversial Issues
AA411 Sex Education
AA412 Student Activities
AA413 Drama Production Selection Committee
AA414 Student Overnight Travel
AA415 Student Local Activity/Athletic Travel
AA416 Field Trips
AA417 Fund Raising
AA418 Discipline of Students—Staff Responsibilities
AA419 Student Conduct and Dress
AA420 High School Yearbook
AA421 Local Professional Improvement Committee
AA421B Classified Professional Improvement Committee
AA422 NEG School Advisory Council
AA423 School/Community Contests and Special Programs
AA424 Literature Selection and Review
AA425 Printed Materials—Speech and Manners
AA426 NEG Duty-Free Lunch
AA428 Research Projects and Proposals
AA432 Student Attendance and Teacher Disclosure Statements
AA433 Eye Protection in Industrial Arts, Physics and Chemistry/Shop Laboratories
AA434 Bomb Threats
AA435 Community Emergency Management Programs
AA436 Released Time for Religious Instruction
AA437 Parent Involvement and School Community Councils
AA438 Releasing Minors From School Attendance
AA439 Selling in Schools and Offices
AA440 Library Media Selection and Review
AA441 Privacy Rights—Students and Family
AA442 Middle School Philosophy
AA443 Student Clubs (Limited Open Forum)
AA444 Employee Involvement in Private, But Public Education-Related Activities
AA445 Student Information Network Acceptable Use Policy
AA446 Wellness
AA447 Out-of-District Student Enrollment
AA448 Vending Machines and Sale of Foods in Schools Outside of Reimbursable Meals
AA449 Elementary School Philosophy
AA450 Admission Charges to Extra-Curricular Activities and Performances
DE500 Curriculum Development
DE501 Curriculum Adoption and Review Committee
DE502 Volunteer Services
DE504 Copyright of Materials and Respect of Copyright
DE505 Acceptable Use of Copyrighted Materials in Jordan School District


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