Jordan School District
Statement of

Number: AA403
Effective: 5/24/88
Revision: 2/25/14

SUBJECT: Competency Levels and Remediation Classes for Core Courses and Graduation Requirements for Grades

I. Board Directive

Utah Annotated Code §53A-13-104 requires school districts to offer remedial classes for students in grades 7-12.  The Board delegates to the District Administration responsibility for devising and implementing an adequate system of remediation so that students can meet competency levels in all required core subject areas.

II. Administrative Policy

It will be the responsibility of the Administrators of Schools to work with principals to ensure that all students are given adequate instruction to meet competency levels in all subject areas.

  1. Meeting competency in all required core class will be defined as receiving a "D-" grade or better in the class.  Any student who receives an "F" in an English, mathematics, science, or social studies required core class has failed to meet the competency level.
  2. Parents will be notified by letter if their student has not met competency in any class.
  3. Students who do not meet competency levels in required core classes--English, mathematics, science and social studies--will be required to remediate the credit through an approved program.
  4. Remediation classes may be offered in summer school, or through approved programs. 
  5. The remediation classes will be structured to enable students to receive .25 credit per quarter by successfully completing the remediation class.
  6. Fees will be charged for remediation classes according to the current fee schedule adopted by the Board of Education.
  7. Remediation may not constitute reason to retain a student in a grade level. 
  8. Students in grades 9 to 12 will be evaluated as often as necessary to determine their progress toward graduation.
  9. Special education students will be exempted from remediation requirements if they are meeting IEP requirements.
  10. Transportation to and from remediation classes is the responsibility of students and parents.
  11. If a student does not pass a remediation class, the principal may waive the remediation requirement.


These policies have been developed and approved by the Jordan School District Board of Education for exclusive use within Jordan School District. Any use by a person or organization outside of Jordan School District is not authorized by the school district. Jordan School District bears no responsibility for such unauthorized use or adaptation of the policies of Jordan School District. Any party copying or revising these policies for its own use does so at its own risk and responsibility as to applicability and legal sufficiency.

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