Statement of

Number: AA449
Effective: 8/23/2011
Reviewed: 3/26/13
Jordan School District

SUBJECT: Elementary School Philosophy

  1. Board Directive

    The philosophy of the Board of Education is to establish and maintain elementary schools which are structured to meet the unique needs of students at the elementary level.  The elementary school program shall emphasize academics and provide opportunities for a wide variety of learning experiences.  Programs shall be structured to enable students to develop social skills and learn to interact in a cooperative, supportive environment.  Elementary school extracurricular activities shall be designed solely with the needs of elementary school-age students in mind and shall not mirror middle school activities or events.  Activities which give all students opportunities to participate shall be encouraged with little or no emphasis given to competition.  The Board, therefore, delegates to the District Administration responsibility for establishing policy regarding elementary school philosophy.

  2. Administrative Policy

    This policy shall be administered according to the following administrative policy provisions:

    Memory Books
    1. Yearbooks, such as those published in high schools, shall not be part of the elementary school program.
    2. PTA organizations have the option of publishing a memory book on behalf of the school provided neither the school nor the staff assumes any responsibility for the publication, including liability for content, cost, and/or professional time.
    3. PTA organizations who choose to publish a memory book on behalf of the school shall comply with the Administrative Guidelines for Elementary School Memory Books.

View Guidelines for Elementary School Memory Books (PDF)

These policies have been developed and approved by the Jordan School District Board of Education for exclusive use within Jordan School District. Any use by a person or organization outside of Jordan School District is not authorized by the school district. Jordan School District bears no responsibility for such unauthorized use or adaptation of the policies of Jordan School District. Any party copying or revising these policies for its own use does so at its own risk and responsibility as to applicability and legal sufficiency.

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