Jordan School District
Statement of . . .

Number: DP357
Effective: 1/23/90

SUBJECT: Incentive Lump Sum Payments

I. Board Policy

The Board recognizes that in the normal contract negotiation process it may be in the best interest of the district to provide lump sum incentive payments to all employees or to specified categories of employees.

II. Administration Policy

The Board delegates authority to the District Administration to negotiate lump sum payments with the various employee groups within the parameters established by the Board.


A. When an incentive lump sum payment is to be provided separate and apart from other negotiated salary agreements, the lump sum payment will be included, along with other salaries, as eligible retirement wages.


These policies have been developed and approved by the Jordan School District Board of Education for exclusive use within Jordan School District. Any use by a person or organization outside of Jordan School District is not authorized by the school district. Jordan School District bears no responsibility for such unauthorized use or adaptation of the policies of Jordan School District. Any party copying or revising these policies for its own use does so at its own risk and responsibility as to applicability and legal sufficiency.

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